Monday, December 19, 2011

Daily Bookmarks 20111219

Java实现Amazon数据抓取(包括Signature生成) | I'm Donkey

Princess Polymath » Blog Archive » Accessing Amazon’s Product Advertising API with Python -

python-amazon-product-api 0.2.5 : Python Package Index

Basic usage — python-amazon-product-api v0.2.5 documentation
Product Advertising API
Hack 8 Browse and Search Categories with Browse Nodes :: Chapter 1. Browsing and Searching :: Amazon hacks. Tips and tools :: Misc ::
关于shishijia.com的介绍 | 网络购物时时价
Working With the "One-Second" Rule
时时价 - 有正品保证的比价网,提供最新的商品比价、优惠及打折促销信息

Python食谱-1.23.Unicode数据编码输出到XML或HTML文件 | Shine.IT
killer python projects: Making The New Amazon Product API Easy to Work With
Google App Engine + Amazon Product Advertising API | Rutwick Gangurde's Blog
How to make a music mashup – Muskblog
Querying Amazon ECS with Boto | SysAdminPy


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