Monday, June 11, 2012

Daily Bookmarks 20120611

list - Python - find the item with maximum occurrences - Stack Overflow
co-occurrence term - Google 搜尋
Count word occurrences in a string -
Natural Language Processing | The Cog Blog
Find semantically related terms over a large vocabulary (>1M)? - MetaOptimize Q+A

反向索引Inverted Index – Map Reduce Program – 尘埃落定
Inverted index using Python sets
Marcus Fontoura
速答集 | Splunk

MySQL/InnoDB和Group Commit(2) - 一个故事@MySQL DBA
MySQL Musings: Binary Log Group Commit in MySQL 5.6
kristiannielsen: Fixing MySQL group commit (part 2)
MySQL/InnoDB和Group Commit(1) - 一个故事@MySQL DBA


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