Sunday, July 08, 2012

Daily Bookmarks 20120708

Highcharts how to pass milliseconds to pointStart (really a javascript question) - Stack Overflow
javascript - Highchart plot points are being displayed incorrectly - Stack Overflow
How to convert Python UTC datetime object to UNIX timestamp
Python datetime to Unix timestamp - Stack Overflow
JavaScript Date, UTC and local times - Marcelo's WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Python Time Conversion各種轉換方式整理

python - webpy: How to serve JSON - Stack Overflow
» Python Web.py框架实现的简易REST服务原型 奋斗足迹|崔玉松
使用JQuery结合HIghcharts实现从后台获取JSON实时刷新图表 - - ITeye技术网站

Python urllib2 cannot open localhost on alternate port (not 80)? Error 10013 - Stack Overflow
Cross-domain requests with jQuery – James Padolsey
用手摀住我的嘴 » jQuery抓取跨網域外的資料(cross-domain) 運用JSONP
MooTools Docs - Request/Request.JSONP


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