Friday, October 12, 2012

Daily Bookmarks 20121012

Edward J. Yoon's Blog: Quorum algorithm of the Zookeeper
Hbase/ZookeeperIntegration - Hadoop Wiki
java - What exactly is the zookeeper quorum setting in hbase-site.xml? - Stack Overflow

Ken Wu's Blog » HBase二级索引与Join
追赶Big Table!专家解读HBase未来走向-IT168 云计算专区 關於中國hbase
hbase介绍 - 阿里集团数据平台
sstable入门阶段——HFile(version1)结构解析与c++读实现 | 伫立于架构,探究于细节
Understanding HBase and BigTable -
在Hbase中选择多少个column family才合适呢? - Mac Track - 博客频道 - CSDN.NET
NCHCCloudCourse110721 – Cloud Computing

Python Course: Labels in Tkinter
The Tkinter PhotoImage Class
gui - How to add an image in Tkinter (Python 2.7) - Stack Overflow

iThome online : : 個人資料保護法主題網站
個人資料保護法上路 企業人資當心了!|金融市場|理財新聞|中時理財
資料外洩防護產品採購大特輯 | 技術專題 | iThome online


Dr. Dobb's | Indexing and Searching on a Hadoop Distributed File System | July 29, 2010

日志分析方法概述 - xiaoxuch - 博客园
Hadoop MapReduce 上利用Lucene实现分布式检索 - xiaoxuch - 博客园

Lucene-based Distributed Index Leveraging Hadoop


Apache Lucene - Index File Formats

algorithm - How does lucene index documents? - Stack Overflow

Chapter 4. Mapping entities to the index structure

Changing Bits: Lucene's near-real-time search is fast!

Lucene原理与代码分析 - 觉先 - 博客园
比特變化: Lucene的近實時搜索是快!

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