Friday, November 23, 2012

Daily Bookmarks 20121122

ElasticSearch vs Solr - ElasticSearch
Scaling massive elastic search clusters - Rafał Kuć - Sematext
Battle of the giants: Apache Solr vs ElasticSearch

Importing source code into Eclipse · OneBusAway/onebusaway Wiki
How to setup Eclipse IDE - OpenbravoWiki
Setting up Eclipse
Developing Your Java Project with Eclipse

Building Single Page Web Apps With Sinatra: Part 2 | Nettuts+

Make Yahoo! Web Service REST calls with Python - Yahoo! Developer Network
Learn REST: A Tutorial

elasticsearch/elasticsearch-hadoop · GitHub
ElasticSearch Users - Why is index not written to hdfs? 10 sec snapshot to HDFS

Hadoop 研究: Write a file to HDFS
Hadoop 研究: Read a file in HDFS
How to Read file from Hadoop using Java without command line - Stack Overflow
Hadoop Tutorial - YDN
Hadoop Tutorial - YDN Mapreduce

read file hadoop - Google 搜尋,mod=13&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8



Cloudera Hadoop RHEL/CentOS 6 Install Guide - Dakini's Bliss
HBase核心贡献者Ted Yu:参与开源比收入更重要-CSDN.NET

ElasticSearch用戶 - 指數不寫入到HDFS是為什麼呢?
HBase核心貢獻者Ted Yu:參與開源比收入更重要-CSDN.NET

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