Friday, May 17, 2013

Daily Bookmarks 20130517

Building Software Systems at Google and Lessons Learned_ifttt

hadoop - HBase as web app backend - Stack Overflow
Big Data Scalable web sites using Hadoop and Hbase | Docner Software | Technical Profile

Usage case of HBase for real-time application

HBase利用bulk load批量导入数据 | OneCoder生成HFile入库到HBase | 石头儿
Best practice - Stream API into a FILE or MySQL or neither? - Google 網上論壇!topic/twitter-development-talk/U1yhKoPUAXI
Integrating MySQL and Hadoop – or – A different approach on using CSV files in MySQL | pero on anything
MapReduce生成HFile入库到HBase | 石头儿
HBase数据迁移(2)- 使用bulk load 工具从TSV文件中导入数据 - ImportNew
HBase数据迁移(1) - ImportNew

bulk load - Google 搜尋

What are SUCCESS and part-r-00000 files in hadoop - Stack Overflow
What’s New in Apache Hadoop 0.21 | Apache Hadoop for the Enterprise | Cloudera

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