Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CSC 209 course notes -c 教學

CSC 209 course notes
Course notes available so far:

* Software tools
* Shell programming
* The unix filesystem
* The C programming language (intro)
* C data types; pointers and arrays
* C: printf and scanf
* argc and argv in C
* C strings
* C files
* getopt example
* struct, malloc
* what is being covered about unix processes
* Process memory layout and OS considerations
* Socket examples

(It's not being taught this term, but I have some detailed notes which I'm fond of about the AWK programming language, which is often used in shell scripts for various data processing and string munging tasks which are a bit more sophisticated than what cut and join and such can do.)


"CSC 209 course notes Course notes available so far:"
- CSC 209 course notes (在「Google 網頁註解」中檢視)

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